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Warehouse management

Who should benefit
For companies that wish to have a perfect and immediate overview of all the stocks, their prices, status and readiness. For organizations that want to speed up warehouse operations, improve the overview of goods movement and its history, track number, limits and other parameters for selected items. For those who want to meet the demanding requirements for speed and reliability in handling contracts and to minimize storage losses.

What helps to solve
Warehouse management module allows full management of material flows between warehouses. Provides statistics related to all movements of goods. This helps you to track each store receipts, transfers, spending and inventories, to appreciate their FIFO or the weighted average stock price. Block addresses and booking of goods, inventory and closing stores, displays the history of all movements of stock items, pieces of monitor, serial numbers, batch and under.

Skladove hospodarstvo

Business units included in the module

· Basic stores
· Stock Reports
· Loans
· Complaints and safeguards
· Inventories storege
· Packaging management
· Identifying barcode
· Print labels with bar code
· Support portable terminals for processing barcode
· Warehouses
· Customize consignment stocks
· Foreign consignment stocks
· Warehouse Position
· Collective action with storage documents

Description module

Stock Management module will help you give your customers or their own production department what they need at the moment they need it. You can create an unlimited number of warehouses and some set aside for the sale and consumption. Storing documents easily create one dialog box, press tab to see the stock, individual documents, their reports, sorted and filtered views of the value of goods through their attributes, and various reports. Easy to get specialized reports, giving the minimum and maximum amount of information or the movement of goods, as appropriate to take stock of stores.

Other functions of the module will allow you to record and perform loans of goods from any store at any time and get an instant overview of what was borrowed and who ever when it was returned.

With a comprehensive agenda to support the handling of complaints can track and assess the eligibility of the claimed goods, then send the complaint to the supplier, accept repaired or replacement goods or credit and then claim to be enforced.

Special mention deserves the same support and work with records of returnable containers in connection with finance. Users can connect to each container of goods with the definition of the quantity of goods packaging concept, while using different units.

Of course there are functions for goods using bar code. The system supports Barcode type EAN 13, BC 128, BC 39, ...

Team will facilitate the work of administering a stock map or the list of store stock positions, to which the goods stored in warehouses, and the possibility to define the permitted location.
Operation with storage documents significantly accelerate the use of functions for the mass production of the stock release notes yet not removed benefits provided and the public put-away, removal or storage of documents elaborated.

The module also includes extensions of warehousing to manage its own and foreign and consignment stores

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