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Print labels

Printing labels thermotransfer TTR printers using ribbons (thin film with solid ink color). The advantage of this technology is the possibility of printing a wide range of print materials and even small quantities of labels. Most are ordinary paper labels (white, opaque, semi-gloss, color, as well as textile adhesive tape and film. With heat pulse transferred from the print head is melted solid ink deposited on the foil ribbons and the picture is then transferred to the printed material. The advantage termotlači against the possibility of color reprints albeit in a limited range, depending on the color TTR ribbons (black, red, orange, green, blue). The main advantage of this technology is its speed, the possibility of operative treatment of printed information, reliability, high durability and stability press.

In thermal transfer printing technology is an important right choice used TTR tape.

tlac etikiet
  • Wax strips - use them in the most common printing paper materials
  • Wax-resin ribbon - suitable for printing on films and other non-absorbent material, or if it required a high tolerance printing.
  • Resin ribbon - best TTR tape. Printing using them are also resistant to solvents and suitable for demanding conditions. Use the resin to suppress the tapes najmäsyntetické materials (PE, PP and PET).

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